Stiff Penalties for Failing to Notify a Merger to the Bulgarian Competition Authority

The new Protection of Competition Act levies penalties equal to 10% of the annual turnover for companies who have missed notifying the relevant authorities about a merger or an acquisition.     Copyright picture:


10% of Annual Turnover is the Price to Pay for Entering into Prohibited Agreements and Abusing Dominance

Many managers in Bulgaria still wonder: ”What is wrong with discussing the price of your product or the cost of your raw materials with your competitors?”. The new Bulgarian Protection of Competition Act provides a clear and stark answer – it could cost your company 10% of its annual turnover.   Copyright picture:


New Sanctions Put Unfair Competition and Misleading and Comparative Advertising at the Top of Corporate Compliance List

How much does a marketing campaign cost? That may have been an easy question until recently, but with the new Protection of Competition Act, the answer may be that it will cost 10% of the company’s annual turnover.     Copyright picture: