Business Frustration (in Bulgarian)

The article comments on the theory and court practice on cases where a contracting party has requested the court to rule upon the factual and legal grounds for modification or termination of a commercial contract in situations which the parties could not and were not obliged to foresee at the conclusion of the contract and […]


The European Company – Bulgarian Chapter

This chapter in the book on the national regulation of the European company (Societas Europaea) provides an overview of Bulgarian law provisions concerning this business vehicle. The European Company Series: Law Practitioner Series Cambridge, 2009


Product Liability 2009 – Bulgaria

This chapter provides an overview of the state of play in product liability in Bulgaria in 2009. This article appeared in the 3rd edition of The International Comparative Legal Guide to: Product Liability 2009, published by Global Legal Group Ltd, London (


Public Procurement 2009 – Bulgaria

This chapter of the International Comparative Legal Guide to Public Procurement 2009 covers the state of public procurement regulation in Bulgaria in 2009, including the remedies available to stakeholders in the public procurement process. This article appeared in the 3rd edition of The International Comparative Legal Guide to: Public Procurement 2009, published by Global Legal […]


Amendments to the Legal Framework for Protection of Investments (in Bulgarian)

A number of amendments to the existing legal framework for protection and encouragement of investments have been introduced. Are these going to improve the investment climate in Bulgaria?   Copyright picture: