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Borislav Boyanov Reveals the Secret behind the Remarkable Success of BOYANOV & Co. following the Firm’s 25th Anniversary

In an interview for the prestigious magazine for business and economic analyses in Bulgaria, Economy, Mr. Borislav Boyanov, Managing Partner of BOYANOV & Co. reveals the formula for achieving the success and reputation of BOYANOV & Co. over its 25 years of service.

Highlighting the fundamental importance of the human factor in a first-rate law firm, Mr. Boyanov noted that “People are our most valuable asset”. The carefully selected and balanced team of BOYANOV & Co. is composed of ambitious young associates and experienced lawyers who all share common values. “We perform together like a big tuned orchestra and each one has its own important place”. Mr. Boyanov is convinced that the winning combination turning BOYANOV & Co. into a market leader and receiving high recognitions as the one from The Lawyer “Law Firm of the Year: Eastern Europe and the Balkans” is the excellence of its professionals, the quality service, knowledge and experience, and zero tolerance to compromise with ethics or moral.

In the globalized business Mr. Boyanov sees challenges providing opportunities to acquire further knowledge on legal affairs, economy, culture and much more. Since the very beginning in 1990 BOYANOV & Co. has constantly been engaged by large international companies and collaborated with law offices and specialists from all over the world. Through The South East Europe Legal Group (SEE Legal),the unique network of regional law firms providing integrated legal services, initiated by BOYANOV & Co. 13 years ago, the firm maintains international contacts and exchanges updates on legislation and economy with partners around the globe.

Nevertheless the complications Mr. Boyanov is optimistic about Bulgarian economy, judging by the expedited rate of EU funds absorption, growing export, and Bulgaria’s ranking as a world top destination for IT and outsourcing business. However, he underlines the major importance of the correlation between an efficient judiciary and business environment, as legal complications hamper both ordinary citizens and large investors, he says. “Each step leading towards independence, transparency and supremacy of the law should be supported and upheld, since the efficient administration of justice is an inseparable component of the good business environment.”