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BOYANOV & Co. amongst the First Bulgarian Supporters of the Paris Call

BOYANOV & Co. was amongst the first Bulgarian organisations and law firms from Europe invited to become a signatory to the Paris Call Initiative and official supporter of the “The Paris Call for Trust and Security in Cyberspace”.

The Paris Call for Trust and Security in Cyberspace is a political declaration that will signal a global mobilization for the stability of cyberspace. It strengthens the work of the international community and of the many stakeholders involved in digital security. This text recalls a number of principles that we see as fundamental, such as the implementation of international law and human rights in cyberspace. It also highlights the need for a multistakeholder approach to drawing up norms enabling us to take full advantage, i.e. reliably and securely, of the opportunities opened up by the digital revolution. The Paris Call promotes strengthening the security of digital products and services, which, for example, we use in our daily lives. Therefore, the text aims to prevent cyberattacks by malicious parties which endanger all individuals in cyberspace.

BOYANOV & Co. was honored to become a signatory to the Paris Call Initiative and to work together with the other endorsers to support the commitments to uphold and further collaborate on the Agreement’s principles. We fully share the principles, values and goals of the Paris Call. They are almost completely aligned with the firm’s work throughout the process of generating complex legal solutions for reputable businesses, including leading companies from the IT and telecommunication industry. As a member of the legal profession, BOYANOV & Co. is particularly supportive of the goal to promote the widespread acceptance and implementation of international norms of responsible behaviour as well as confidence-building measures in cyberspace.

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