BOYANOV & Co. Partners Earn Top Honours in Business Today’s Influential Bulgarian Lawyers List

In a showcase of legal expertise, BOYANOV & Co.’s partners have been recognized by Business Today as among the most influential lawyers in Bulgaria across various categories. This acknowledgment highlights the firm’s commitment to excellence.

Antitrust: Peter Petrov
In the realm of Antitrust, Peter Petrov has been a formidable force, expertly navigating complex competition cases and fostering a fair competitive environment for businesses to thrive.

Banking: Damian Simeonov and Svetlina Kortenska
The Banking sector’s top influencers, Damian Simeonov and Svetlina Kortenska, have been instrumental in shaping the financial legal framework, guiding institutions through the intricacies of banking law with an unmatched proficiency.

Corporate: Yordan Naydenov
In the Corporate sphere, Yordan Naydenov’s expertise has not only guided corporations through complex legal landscapes but also set the standards for corporate governance and compliance.

Employment: Radoslav Alexandrov and Violeta Kirova
The Employment category sees a duo of Boyanov & Co.’s finest, Radoslav Alexandrov and Violeta Kirova, whose combined efforts have redefined labor law practices, ensuring fair and equitable workplace standards.

Energy: Alexander Chatalbashev
Alexander Chatalbashev’s influence in the Energy sector is undeniable, where his visionary legal counsel has been crucial in the development and regulation of energy projects.

Intellectual Property: Stela Sabeva
Stela Sabeva’s expertise in Intellectual Property law has earned her a spot among the elite, where her strategic approach to IP protection and litigation supports innovation and creativity.

Real Estate: Nickolay Nickolov
Nickolay Nickolov stands out in the Real Estate category, where his profound knowledge and innovative legal solutions have paved the way for groundbreaking real estate developments, setting new benchmarks in the industry.


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