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BOYANOV & Co. Participated in the Second Round Table Discussion of the Digital Sustainability Forum on Artificial Intelligence

In cooperation with Microsoft, IBM and Telelink, BOYANOV & Co. continues to support the Digital Sustainability Forum, organised by the American Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria. Borislav Boyanov, Managing Partner, chaired the Forum’s second round table discussion on the Ethical Aspects of the Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence on 9 July 2019 at Grand Hotel Sofia.

The American Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria proposed the creation of a public-private partnership between the state and the business to build an artificial intelligence platform. During the discussion, Mr. Boyanov pointed out that each state on its own, in terms of developing artificial intelligence, is extremely weak. He further noted that if supported by the state, Bulgaria needs to develop even better cooperation with its neighbours in the Southeast European region. The regional capacity of 200,000 programmers is more than a single country can offer.

The speakers at the Forum included Rosen Zhelyazkov, Minister of Transport, IT and Communications, Peter Ivanov, CEO, AmCham, George Sharkov, Cyber Expert, European DIGITAL SME Alliance, High-Level Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence to the European Commission, etc.

Participants included key industry leaders and policy makers, alongside 30+ C-level stakeholders from the IT sector. The second round table was part of the Digital Sustainability Forum: a visionary project, committed to helping the Bulgarian AI ecosystem to develop and flourish.


Copyright picture: AmCham