Cloud Computing In Bulgaria – Regulatory Framework

The legal aspects of the use of cloud computing services is an issue of growing importance for the businesses throughout Europe. With infrastructure getting cheaper, easier to handle and much more flexible many businesses move into the cloud. This leads to growing need of comprehensive legal advice and guidance on the existing legal framework and specific statutory requirements related to the use of cloud services. Boyanov & Co. has already gained significant experience in advising clients in this new and challenging area. We were therefore pleased to accept the invitation and contribute the Bulgarian chapter of the comprehensive Cloud Computing Regulatory Framework Overview. The paper covers the current EU statutory framework as well as a number of Eastern European jurisdictions. The publication was prepared in cooperation with other European lawfirms with the kind support of Dr. Jochen Engelhardt, CEE Legal Director, Legal and Corporate Affairs at Microsoft. The part on Bulgaria was prepared by Nickolai Zisov, Senior Associate with Boyanov & Co.

Тhe publication Cloud Computing In Bulgaria – Regulatory Framework is available upon request.



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