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Fighting Against Bad Faith Trademark Registrations

The firm has represented a variety of clients against bad-faith trademark registrations by third parties of their brands and trade names in Bulgaria. Currently, we are working for clients, including the Greek company Plaisio Computers SA in connection with the registration of their mark “Plaisio” by a third party in Bulgaria; Adidas (Reebok) in connection with the registration of the trademark “RBK”; Live Nation (Music) from the UK in connection with the “Monsters of Rock” trademark; the Italian company Rainbow S.A. for the “Winx Club” trademark, and others in support of their fight to remedy trademark registrations done in bad faith.

The firm holds an excellent track record in defending the rights of brand owners against such abuse. Recent examples include overturning the bad-faith registration of a brand, acting for the German company Umarex; of the trademark “Hills”, acting for Hill’s Pet Nutrition, as well as acting successfully for Phat Fashions against the bad faith registration of their trademark “Phat Farm”, and others.



Copyright picture: Adidas