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Outstanding Legal Services – an Interview for Vagabond

MR. BORISLAV BOYANOV is Managing Partner of BOYANOV & Co., the preferred legal partner of over 4,400 prestigious corporate and institutional clients. Mr Boyanov is the only Bulgarian lawyer regularly nominated by Who’s Who Legal in M&A and Corporate Governance and Private Clients. He is also the founder and Co-Chair of Southeast Europe LegalGroup, Honorary General Consul of Malta, Chair of the Association of Honorary Consuls in Bulgaria, and Director of the World Federation of Consular Associations.

What main skill or skills have placed you among the best lawyers in your field at a global level?
It so happened that during my 40-year career as a lawyer, I was, as they say, in the right place at the right time. However, looking around I realised it is not the complete truth. You need certain universal skills. It is clear most things are achieved with a lot of hard work, vision, purposefulness, and perseverance. It is good for a person to be sensitive and to understand economic and social changes, and where possible, to stay ahead of the curve. Innovativeness, creative thinking, understanding of the global world and international relations, and adaptability are qualities for professional success. Another strong point is to have good ideas for society. Implementing those ideas into reality is important for the development of the community but also your own enhancement. To learn something every day and to improve yourself is crucial. Other important skills are directed towards working in and with a team – from its creation and motivation to horizontal and vertical leadership. You always need good people to work with.

What is the most important thing you have learned as a person and a professional after nearly 35 years at the helm of your own firm?
Undoubtedly, in a business, as I understand it, people are the most valuable asset. That is where our focus should be – on the right selection, continuous training, care for professional and personal growth, as well as for the physical and mental health of our colleagues. Motivating people and leadership are big topics, worthy of separate discussions. Another very important thing is to have morality and values and to ensure that overcoming daily or more significant challenges does not come at their expense. One should treat people with attention and empathy, and with a clear understanding of their issues as human beings, regardless of their position and occupation.

What are the key competencies of the professionals in your firm that guarantee the successful representation of your clients’ interests?
All colleagues we work with are very carefully selected. They have been top students in their universities, fluent in at least English. The first thing we insist on, however, and do not compromise on, are human qualities and morality. Then come professional knowledge, soft skills, and qualifications, which must be continuously upgraded. The numerous challenges, from global to local political, economic, and social turbulence, and the accelerating digitalization require new skills and competencies. They include innovativeness, curiosity, adaptability, ability to exercise good judgment, and ease of working with technological tools. And all this complex amalgam is focused on providing the best service to the client, protecting their lawful interests. Of course, always remember ethical norms and the supremacy of the rule of law.

The above interview was published in issue 213/2024 of the magazine.

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