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The Academy of American and International Law – an Extraordinary 5-week Educational Program in the U.S.

The Academy of American and International Law is particularly valuable for lawyers outside the U.S. who work for multi-national corporations or for law firms that represent either U.S. clients or multi-national clients with U.S. interests. Highlights include:

  • A faculty featuring some of the best legal scholars in the U.S., including, for example, Bryan Garner, Chief Editor of Black’s Law Dictionary. To view Mr. Garner’s comments about the Academy experience and what he teaches to the Academy class, click here.
  • A remarkable multi-cultural environment with participants from more than 20 countries. Here are some comments from past participants.
  • Practical interactive education, including mock negotiations, a mock trial and a mock law firm problem.
  • Classes on international business transactions, legal writing, intellectual property, securities regulation, taxation, litigation, transnational arbitration, business organizations, bankruptcy, energy law, and more.

Over the past 55 years, the Academy has had more than 3,000 participants from 121 countries. Academy alumni have gone on to such positions as Prime Minister of Peru, President of the General Assembly of the United Nations, and Chief Justice of the Philippines and the Italian Court of Cassation.

BOYANOV & Co. supports the Academy and since 1990 regularly sends participants. Mr. Borislav Boyanov, Managing Partner at BOYANOV & Co., has been the first Bulgarian participant at the Academy and since its attendance in 1990 is a Member of the Advisory Board of the Academy of American and International Law (formerly, the Southwestern Legal Foundation).

Participating in the Academy will make you a better lawyer with a good network of contacts across the world.

A short video about the Academy is available here. For more information about the Academy, please click here.


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